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Post  DrPraetor on Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:36 am

T'ien Ch'i:
Dormant Daeva, Domstr 9, B4, Order 3 Sloth 2 Growth 1 Fortune 3 Magic 1.

with this setup (look at all them mountains!) I could possibly go Sloth 3/Domstr 10, but I believe Sloth 3 closes off some highly beneficial events.

Gold sent:
- turn 1 - 158
- turn 2 (event, or would've been 400) - 1000
- turn 3 - 314

And that roughly stabilizes. So I can send 300 gold/turn or so for turns 2 and on, more if I get a beneficial event (which I probably will.)

In this test game I also got a sage's guild. Insanity ensues.


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