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Post  atul on Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:09 pm

Well, everything else went nice (trashed indies, drove off Jotunheim, blocked Abysian invasion to land), only my pretender autorouted to oblivion due to 50 turn rule when only one frozen mage was remaining.

At least I decimated that army. And I've got lots of H2s, so the greatest loss is the equipment. Sorry. :/

Sending a brand to Marignon, building a lab into Jade Amazon province, pushing Jotunheim more.

Turn 22 thread Kuva_213


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Turn 22 thread Empty ah dang... we should've set things up so a vandriot took an adjacent province... the adjacent provinces only had 0troops 2pd

Post  namad on Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:45 am

ah dang... we should've set things up so a vandriot took an adjacent province... the adjacent provinces only had 0troops 2pd

i've now been hit by rain of toads Sad I'm gonna start patrolling my capital I guess... but the unrest and low taxes have combined to make my income for next turn negitive... so i suggest that i spend all my gold this turn, get no gifts of gold, and recruit nothing next turn?

due to the fact everyone is using ice pebble staves i am going to need cr gear in order to continue fighting ANYONE at all it seems... including pangaea...

Turn 22 thread Everyo10

if cr50 prevents half of the fatigue damage my earth adon should be still useful with just cr50 but... i only have one earth adon and one astral adon left... and like 5or6 fire..the fire ones are going to need cr100 somehow to do anything at all... should I evacuate my western fort? and bring everyone back to the capital? theres almost no way we could possibly afford enough gear to outfit those zamzumites well enough to defend against the enemy support mages


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Turn 22 thread Empty to clarify..

Post  namad on Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:31 pm

If anyone can think of a better plan than the one outlaid below feel free to let me know ... this is just the best thing i could come up with (anyone who wants any of my turns can have them)

to clarify.. there are no battles left for me to fight really except for those i can fight with SC's who won't be taken down by the spell numbness...

I am surrounded on all sides, I have no army, I cannot recruit due to lack of income, the enemy team is making ice pebble staves and a single ice pebble staff can neutralize any sc without the ability to handle numbess. I think my single earth adon and pair of boots of the messanger could combine for 13reinvig which might be worth fielding. I also have 1astral adon and like 7fire adons... they will need either rime haubreks or birch boots/frost brand to enter into combat... additionally because of this consideration i am willing to trade my fire brands for someone elses frost brands (since as far as I know no one can make rime haubreks yet?) The astral adon could probably make do with a ring that granted cr100 if such a ring exists (since his astral magic can self buff things which fire adons would want to use misc slots for)

it is also an option for me to return all of my items now instead of attempting to fight a few last remaining battles. I've already sent atul and thedemon my turn but if you'd like to see it too drp you can... remind me what your email is and i'll send it

so basically either assist me in equipping the scs i already have using the gear i already have by adding in some cr gear OR take all my gear back since i can't really use it without the CR stuff... now ... I have been thinking... this turn is probably my last turn on which i can evacuate my outlaying forts to my capital.... keeping everything in my capital increases the odds i learn phx pyre before i die.... however if i had sufficient gear... i could equip zamzumites and hold the western fort indefinitely... however that might be an inefficient usage of gear for the team... it would be up to someone else besides me to decide though because i currently don't have sufficient gear for those units to equip and attempt holding their fort


In conclusion if no one says anything I will retreat all my units towards my capital and make no effort to defend my outlaying forts...

because without a large commitment to equip zamzumites that western fort won't hold out and theres no reason to get those mages killed because if i retreat with them i can probably make it to alt7 before i die instead of not making it to alt7 before i die... making it to alt7 before i die would be pretty cool because i could then equip phx pyre units with self bless 57hp full slots and +1misc extra slot which are probably the best recruitable sc the team can put together (unless the earth adon's are better but i only have one of those and i have like 7fire ones...) additionally next turn i will not recruit anything however if someone wanted to send me some gold i suppose i could recruit a final adon... i think that might be risky though as I expect to be hit by another rain of toads next turn (i'm patroling this turn but the patrol force isn't especially large) I suppose if i set my capital tax to 0 I could be almost certain of staying under 100unrest but then i'd need ~400gold to recruit the single additional adon

we can attempt to equip my units with cr gear quickly to save the western fort OR if i retreat everything i have to my capital that would buy us slightly more time for equipping of units for battle...although adon's are AWFUL researchers so... if you think they are worth using in combat without phx pyre researched that is a valid option possibly capable of buying me time required to learn alt7 (currently ~5-6turns if i don't lose any of my research mages and i don't recruit anything) a i have no hope of ever turning this war around in the north really but... i think that it might be a good use of gems to equip adons and do combat with them while we still have them... trying to stay alive long enough that atul and thedemon and drp can try to win 3on10


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Turn 22 thread Empty unless anyone wants me to change it this will prolly be what my turn looks like

Post  namad on Sat Aug 01, 2009 2:47 am

unless anyone wants me to change it this will prolly be what my turn looks like with a small patrol and 0%tax theres a small chance i won't get rain of toaded too badly too recruit (if someone wanted to give me the gold for an adon) i could increase my tax to 100% but that still won't let me recruit anything without donations so without knowing if anyone wants to send me a lil cash I can't know how much if any to try raising capital tax over 0...

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Turn 22 thread Empty Re: Turn 22 thread

Post  TheDemon on Sat Aug 01, 2009 3:21 am

Turn Pic:

Turn 22 thread 21myjqb

My plan for defending my fort at Scytha (78) involves beating him when he storms, so I'm going to burn 10 pearls to gateway out this turn. The turn walls are breached the plan is to gateway in my troops, teleport in a flaming arrow caster, and clog up the entrance with prison of fire, and cut retreats with harbingers and friendly thugs. Hopefully he won't scout, but even if he does, 1 turn of starvation should be ok.

My main concern is that Ulm army I've highlighted. Any force that consists of "mainly Black Knights" is going to be very nasty to deal with.

Atul, as per what you said on IRC, I'm attacking White Peaks (24) with my harby.


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Turn 22 thread Empty Re: Turn 22 thread

Post  DrPraetor on Sat Aug 01, 2009 11:45 am

Attacking 205, hopefully will not hit Eriu raider.

Kinda busy right now writing thesis Smile but can talk on IRC.


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