Turn 32 stupid minimum character limit

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Turn 32 stupid minimum character limit

Post  TheDemon on Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:20 am

Gonna set up to kill Jotun's werewolf thugs with Incinerate. They're 50% FR, but 18 AN damage will work. I thought about Soul Slay or Mind Hunt with their 18 MR, but that takes cap-only mages and they are mapmove 1 or need to be boosted to S4.

Conj 7, Alt 5, Evo 7, Ench 7, Thau 5, gonna finish up Ench 8 because I'll be using Flame Storm. Summoning another Harbinger. Pythium could quickly become a big threat down south, which worries me (see pic). But his armies are not Fire Immune. We should start thinking about anti-harbinger kits on some disposable anti-thugs.

Machaka is starving in the fort with most of his army. That or he's brought in a ton of supply items, or he's gatewayed out. I'll hit it with mind hunt.

This pic should show most of my finalized attacks:


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